TPO Roofing

Do you have TPO roofing? Then we have some questions for you.
  • Is it time for yours to be torn off and tossed out?
  • Would you like to postpone replacing it for a decade?
  • What if it could be adapted to save interior air conditioning costs?
  • Would you like to be confident your TPO roofing will not leak?
  • What if you could have a 10-year no-leak warranty?
  • Are your answers “yes”; “yes”;” great!”; “yes”; and “that would seal the deal”?

  • Then we have one more question for you. Will you please schedule a free roof survey at your property to explore how a roof coating restores, waterproofs, and adds energy efficiency to your roof? Our modern coatings for TPO roofing can come with a 10 year waterproofing warranty Click here for a free roof survey.

    Waterproof roof coatings will give your roof at least another 10 years of service. On TPO that is especially significant because most plastic roofing only lasts about 12 years. Coatings can give an additional decade, postponing the expense of tear off and replacement.

    Roof coatings eliminate leaks at the seams, because each seam is covered with a fiber-reinforced polyurethane sealant. TPO roofing may chronically fail at the seams because many brands use adhesive peel- and-stick strips to hold sheets together. Our waterproofing coatings are warranted to be leak free for 10 years due to the fiber reinforced sealing polyurethane base coats topped by two polyurethane reflective seamless topcoats.

    Roof coatings solve a built-in problem with TPO roofing. It naturally loses thickness. In time, the roof is gone, and the elements are penetrating what’s left. A coating remains sturdy for a decade or more. Roof coatings are especially good at restoring plastic roofing manufactured and installed in the early 2000s. This “generation” of product not only has problems with seam failure, but it develops cracks along the seams. The issue is premature curing. A roof coating is impermeable by UV rays, which prevents the plastic from curing.

    Our roof coatings can carry a high fire rating. Plastic burns and melts. With a protective membrane the threat of fire damage is reduced. (The word “thermo” in the full name “ThermoPlastic Olefin” does not refer to its ability to withstand fire. It refers to how it is made).

    TPO roofing was invented to be on the low end of affordability for flat roof materials. In other words, it was created to be less expensive than PVC or to provide better performance than rubber. This is why building owners, facility managers and flat roofed home owners went with a plastic roof. But the affordability means a shorter useful life. That’s where we come in.

    Give your TPO roofing an additional decade of leak and maintenance free service Click here for a free roof survey.

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