Some companies have seen a 25% to 50% drop in interior cooling demand.

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By far, the “greenest” quality of a green roof is the amount of energy saved because the roof coating is white. Our seamless, impermeable membrane on a roof reflects the heat of the sun away from the surface (that’s why they are also known as “reflective” and “cool”). The cut in electricity consumption for air conditioning means that a building with a white roof coating is very earth friendly. Less coal or oil is burned to generate electricity, and there is less pollution from power generation. Air conditioning lasts longer, reducing materials and fuel consumption to manufacture and transport replacement HVAC.

  • The significant energy savings have many building owners and managers calling their choice of a green roof “a no brainer” because the utility cost savings quickly add up to the cost of the roofing systems. In 7 to 10 years they see full return on their investment.

You can add “eco-friendly roof” to the rest of the names: green, white, cool, reflective, and energy saving. Because we are able to utilize the roof you have, no building materials are torn off and hauled to a landfill, saving both the environment and fuel. The fact that we make a green roof out of your existing roof means that there is no fuel expended to make new materials, to transport the goods, and any of the other ways that bringing building materials to market uses fossil fuels.

We know that many corporations as well as individual building owners are making mandatory commitments to shrinking their carbon footprint and reducing oil-based fuel consumption. The fossil fuel/carbon footprint reductions provided by a green roof run deep. We expend less fuel hauling materials to your building. The work is less labor intensive, so fewer crew members are driving to the jobsite. Our roof coatings are manufactured in far fewer steps than rubber, metal or PVC roofing, saving fuel at the factory. The liquid polymers are not heavy as wood and conventional roofing materials, reducing the fuel burned to transport them. Another earth-conscious factor is that by converting what you have to a green roof, no trees are cut down and transported for a replacement roof.

  • White roofing is being studied for its impact on the heat island effect in most cities. Dark roofs absorb heat, and then as the direct sunlight passes, release the stored heat. This is happening in every corner of cities. Temperatures can be several degrees higher than in the nearby suburbs. Once again, reducing a heat island effect reduces energy consumption and reduces the impact on global warming.

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