Flat Roof Repair

End flat roof repair on your commercial or industrial building. Why fix when you can solve? We install a permanent solution -- waterproof roof coating.

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Aging Roof
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Prior to installation of your re-roofing system, we take a number of steps to prepare the existing surface. In effect, you get total flat roof repair before the roof is coated with the polyurethane waterproof base and finish coats. For instance the surface is pressure washed and cleaned to remove blisters and material that is coming loose. Every seam is sealed with fiber reinforced polyurethane mastic, around any vents, ducts and flashing. Cracks are filled with the same polyurethane mastic. Then two waterproof base and two waterproof reflective top coats are applied and dry to a waterproof membrane system.

If your commercial or industrial roof requires flat roof repair in numerous places on the surface, it makes sense to apply the cost of that work to the very reasonable expense of a roof coating. We feel that we have proven it makes a roof better than new. Over more than 20 years we have developed expertise at installing waterproof roof coatings that restore commercial and industrial roofs, putting an end to flat roof repair calls.

We are proud to be authorized representatives of Elastomeric Roofing Systems Cool Roof Restoration Systems, American Weatherstar Coatings, Neogard Construction Coatings Direct Bond Roof Coating Solutions, Topps Coatings and others for Commercial and Industrial Roof Repair.

You can combine a permanent solution to flat roof repair with a lasting reduction in your energy use. Modern roof coatings are white, which makes them reflective. When the heat of the sun hits the surface, it is bounced away rather than soaked up as dark materials do. You have probably heard that “cool roofs” are sweeping the commercial and industrial market. Some building owners, managers, and corporations find that an energy efficient roof meets their mandate to reduce their carbon footprint. Others simply want the proven energy savings. A cooler roof means a cooler interior. Who doesn’t want to reduce their utility bills for air conditioning? Real life cooling demand reductions have been as high as 50%, with 25% an accepted average.

We are sold on the superiority of re-roofing with a modern, seamless, waterproof and cool roof coating. Thousands of customers nationwide are convinced they made the right decision. When you have us out to your property for a free site survey, we will demonstrate how these leading edge products “sell themselves”.

End flat roof repair. End leaks. End excessive transfer of roof heat into your building. Click here for a free roof survey.

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